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100 World Startups In Field Of Energy Selected To Participate In EXPO-2017

100 world startups in field of energy selected to participate in EXPO-2017

The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan in the person of “Information and analytical oil and gas center” holds the international competition of start-up projects in the field of renewable and alternative energy – #NEWENERGY global startup fest.

The Ministry of Energy informed that NEWENERGY global startup fest is one of the most important events in Kazakhstan, as well as, in general, throughout the world, because it contributes to the promotion of the exhibition EXPO-2017 in the international arena.

In addition, the competition will enhance the investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan, will attract investment and venture capital funds in the energy and related industries of the country, creating the conditions for innovation and start-up culture in the country, as well as the development of renewable and alternative energy sources.

The international jury of #NEWENERGY global startup fest selected top 100 global start-ups in the field of alternative energy and “green economy”, which will present their inventions on the main stage of the competition on 27 October and will compete for the chance to participate in the Astana EXPO-2017.

The top 100 included the startups from 36 countries, including Kazakhstan, the USA, Norway, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Turkey, Finland, India, Moldova, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Estonia, Russia, Pakistan, Switzerland, Latvia, China, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Poland, the Ukraine, Greece, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Spain and Iceland.

For example, the members of the US SkyTran already conducts joint development with NASA, and the Australian startup Bohr Industries Pty Ltd for 6 months has developed a wind turbine with a capacity of 1000 watts, which can be installed at home, as soon as the company starts to sell its invention.

It is expected that #NEWENERGY global startup fest will be visited by more than a thousand participants: the representatives of the Government of Kazakhstan, international investment and venture capital funds, business angels, the leading energy companies in the field of alternative energy experts, representatives of international organizations and leading businessmen of the country.

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