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5 Days Left: EXPO Exhibition’s Readiness For Opening

5 days left: EXPO exhibition’s readiness for opening

126 thousand square meters of all pavilions of international participants have been almost completed. There are 4 countries that finish their construction and installation works. This was reported by Ilya Urazakov, a Director of the Department for Work with International Participants of “NC “Astana EXPO-2017” JSC, said during a press conference in the EXPO media center.


“Today we are in full combat readiness. 126 thousand square meters of all the pavilions of international participants have been almost completed. To date, there are 4 countries that complete their construction and installation works. These are the pavilions of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Belarus and Slovakia. They were left with whitewashing, painting, installation of the last exhibits. Also there is an installation of doors, connect plasma TVs and so on. This was due the fact that the countries started their construction procedures quite late. Some have protracted the processes of tender operators and so on. We set deadlines. I think that they were forced to stay”, I. Urazakov said.

According to Managing Director of “National company “Astana EXPO-2017” Beybit Karymsakov, there was only a small amount of work on the landscaping of EXPO.

“Nowadays all objects are ready. The remained small volume of work on landscaping will be finished in the near future. In recent months, we have conducted many exercises, as well as practiced freelance situations”, B. Karymsakov said.

To date, the access systems are fully ready for work, assured director of the Commercialization Department of “NC “Astana EXPO-2017” JSC Daulet Yerkimbayev noted.

“The entire infrastructure of the exhibition is ready. The tasks of my department are the organization of a ticket program and the organization of catering on the territory of the exhibition. All visitors to the exhibition will pass through the entrance groups, where the system of the ticket program is already operating in full. As for public catering, almost all food facilities have completed their finishing work. Only some of them finish final smoothing, by June 10, everything will be ready and now the commissioning of all restaurants and cafes is underway”, D. Yerkimbayev said.

Also during the briefing, it became known that at the moment about 1 million 200 thousand tickets were sold.

“To date, we have sold 1,200 thousand tickets. This indicator exceeds the forecast figures. By the opening of the exhibition, we planned to sell 1 million tickets”, D. Yerkimbayev added.

In turn, director of the security department of “Astana EXPO-2017” Rustem Chakenov noted that all video surveillance, alarm and access control systems and others are assembled and ready for 100%.

“All the planned activities have been fully implemented. All necessary equipment has been purchased and installed. All video surveillance, alarm and access control systems and others are assembled and ready for 100 percent. All the employees involved in the security sector, especially law enforcement personnel, private security structures, also underwent the necessary training courses, besides language training. Particular attention was paid to the acquisition of input groups. Our entrance groups within one hour are able to receive about 13 thousand people, while the waiting time will be no more than 30-40 minutes. Volunteers with knowledge of foreign languages ​​will also be involved in the input groups”, R. Chakenov informed.

Director of the Department for Service Support of “Astana EXPO-2017” Diyas Azbergenov told about transport accessibility and medical services.

“As for intercepting parking lots, public transport, parking space, this work is carried out in cooperation with capital Mayor’s Office and the traffic police. The total number of medical points in the exhibition is seven. Also eight ambulances that will be on duty on an ongoing basis. The total number of medical personnel, which will be used during the exhibition – 210 employees: doctors, paramedics, resuscitators. For low-mobility groups, we provide free wheelchairs”, D. Ayazbergenov said.

Kairat Zhandybayev

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