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Kazakhstan Carried Out Good Preparatory Work For EXPO 2017 – Foreign Experts

Kazakhstan carried out good preparatory work for EXPO 2017 – foreign experts

Currently Kazakhstan carries out the preparation work for the forthcoming International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 and is actively working to promote EXPO abroad. The opinions regarding the preparation and organization of EXPO were stated by the representatives of foreign delegations, participants of EXPO-2017 during the exclusive interview with taken within the third meeting of the international participants at the Palace of Independence.


Evelien Bijl, the Pavilion director of the Holland Pavilion told that the theme of the upcoming EXPO in Astana – “Energy of Future” is very important for them.

“I congratulate Astana on holding of this outstanding exhibition. We are very pleased to participate in the exhibition on such an important theme as the “Energy of Future”. At the exhibition we present ourselves as a country that has long been in the fight against water. We have new technologies in the field of energy efficiency and we want to present them in our pavilion. We are still in the process of preparation for the exhibition and we are very pleased to be here today at the international meeting of the participating countries. We also hope to find here a lot of useful information to apply it in practice and continue to prepare”, E. Bijl told.

Italian business representative Marco Beretta also expressed his pleasure in attending EXPO-2017 in Astana and made a comparison with EXPO 2015 in Milan.

“We are very glad that EXPO-2017 signs the contracts for the management of the B2B meeting organization and business matching organization. We will manage the services in a 2.0 ways using a platform which was launched during EXPO 2015 in Milan. During EXPO 2015 in Milan we had the first experience with this platform and we replicated it in Astana with a lot of much more experience than in EXPO-2015 in Milan. We think that we will have a very good success and we expected about 50 countries to register in our platform and we would like Astana to use the platform in the future for becoming a hub in an international business matching. In terms of EXPO preparation in the construction the thing is ahead of the schedule, mainly comparing to Milan, which was terminated just like some days before the opening, so Kazakhstan is much more ahead of the work. Now its time for countries to demonstrate their commitment in terms of pavilions in order to make this EXPO great”, M. Beretta shared his opinion.

There is also an opinion expressed by head of Design, Technical & Architecture of the National Committee of Iran-EXPO 2017 Astana Mohammad Mohebali describing the idea of ​​the Iranian pavilion.

“As a matter of fact, our pavilion is about the as the matter of conceptual design we look and we have done our work based on wind, sun, soil, and water. These four elements of vitality and life is our conceptual matter for designing. As a matter of fact oil and forsile based energy for the time being is important in the whole world, and Iran too. We are going and we are planning to purifying and cleaning this energy. We are obeying for making out electro – automobiles and we are planning to purifying and cleaning of our heavy manufacturing industries. It is very good I think they have done a good job, there is a lot of work to do yet, but they have done it very good and nice and good architectural form for EXPO of Kazakhstan. Our pavilion has 5 hundred and some 4 square meter area and we are neighbor of Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam”, Mohammad Mohebali said.

We remind that Astana was chosen to host the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 on November 22, 2012 during the 152nd General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau by secret ballot of representatives of 161 member states of the International Exhibitions Bureau. Astana’s bid was supported by 103 countries.

EXPO in Astana will be held from June 10 to September 10, 2017.

Kairat Zhandybayev

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