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Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Academician of the International Engineering Academy, Chairman of the Foundation of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Vice-President of the National Engineering Academy of the republic of Kazakhstan. Director General of Mechanics and Machinery institution named after U. A. Zholdasbekov.

Author of over 180 published scientific papers both in local and international editions, including 2 monographs, 3 textbooks, 2 author’s certificates and 6 patents, including: Innovative patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan no. 72107, “The method of unloading bulk solid materials, primarily grain from tanks and storage facilities, device for its realization and storage for bulk materials, mainly grain”; “Computer Modeling and Control System for X-ray Radiometrical Well-Logging Unit”; “Computer dynamics of the internal-combustion engine considering elastic properties of links”; “Analysis of the dynamics of the following arm actuator”.

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